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Updating of (Intensive) Agriculture by Natural “Language of Frequences”

WHY? BECAUSE IT’S GOOD ALSO FOR YOUR BUSINESS and BECAUSE IT INDEED & REALLY PROVIDES SUSTAINABILITY WHILE BRINGING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, SUSTAINABLE PROFITS AND SUSTAINABLE GOODS. HOW IT IS POSSIBLE IN PRACTICE? Let’s read this Article about its succesfully, simple, practical implementation, some exposed achieved good practices in real growing conditions and regular use. Perhaps it’s… Read More »

How manifestation succeeds; eBook, Majda Ortan, 2019

Outspoken. Maybe a bit schocking. But indeed gives you great chance,that understand from where indeed manipulation source… and from it all bad habits, suffering. And of course “How manifestation succeeds.” People mainly overlooked this,when they read Bible. The essence! I described it accurately, practically,so that you may use it for yourself. For those who still… Read More »


AMAZING INFORMATION, which is EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU! TAKE THIS YOUR GREAT OPPORTUNITY, SO IT SOUGHT FOR YOU! Hi, everybody! EVERYONE LIKE GOOD INFORMATION! HERE ARE EXCELENT NEWS! YOU MUST GET THEM! In this regard I have something important to noticed you! Thanks in advance for your attention, which will bring to you the key… Read More »

NEW RECORD – Schuman frequency Power reached peak at 158. Discover this as huge, great opportunity for awakening – activating, boosting and achieving a consistent level of your Heart Coherence Vibration

Yesterday, 6th of December 2019, was measured the highest value of Schuman frekvency Power in last 2 years: 158 . Today, on 7th of December 2019, ia reported measured highest peak of Schuman frekvency Power on 64. In year 2019 we have sveral very high peak of Scumann frequency Power – Power of Earth pulse.… Read More »


Dear visitor! For more posts on Theme “The best life in quantum Powers™ , please click on this link. Those Posts are in Slovenian language, but you may use on-line translator, if you like. From now on I will be posting also more posts in English.

Attraction, which brings many sustainable, high advanced solutions possibilities: Advanced and sustainable – necessary production of Healthy Agricultural Crops! Regenerative Agriculture! Technical possibilities for sustainable Agro-Spraying of Agro-growing Surfaces, from Air – by Drones…

We already have gone beyond the boundaries of the possible and have greatly expanded them! UNDER LINK HERE: More information about short Presentation of our breakthought innovative energized products and some exposed achieved good practices of their successfully useage UNDER LINK HERE: Current Offer of our Products for Export HOT NEWS: Speach of Majda Ortan, ing.,… Read More »

My story

My Story, which marked my Life and became its Quantum Powers Leap and Mission of my Company Often the gratest diamonds grow under the greatest pressure. And the most beautiful pearls grown in pain of shells, in which broke a grain of sand and hurt gentle shell’s meat. My life brings for me such conditions, that as child I… Read More »

Announce of Speach of Majda Ortan, ing. , on 2nd Edition of the Euro-Global Conference on Food Science and Technology” (FAT 2019)

By confirmation of Organizing Committee of Euro-Global Conference FAT 2019, we annouced Oral Presentation / Speach of: Majda Ortan, ing. Oral presentation is about results of our aplicative research project with amazing results, which will be presented under title: Very promising attraction: Advanced, novel, energized, natural, sustainable and effective product without active substances, for no… Read More »

Price list  for supporters, Golden supporters, Platinum Supporters, Premium supporters  of the global project PHENIX agronatural ™

      Please, under link find out: Price list  for supporters, Golden supporters, Platinum Supporters, Premium supporters , of our global project PHENIX agronatural ™   For your company/organization select good and benefitial promotion! Become supporters, Golden supporters, Platinum supporters, Premium supporters  of our global project PHENIX agronatural ™.   Issue of our global Project PHENIX… Read More »