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SAE ENQP™ Academy 2021 – 2023: Enrolment for Attending!

By Majda Ortan | 23 March 20210 Comment OUR ADVANCED NATURAL QUANTUM AGRICULTURE mimics the mode of quantum harmonization used by plants and minerals at the energy level in Nature. Already eigt years is in Slovenia (small EU country) produced – grown energy alive food by use of our advanced, innovative, sustainable, NATURAL BIO-QUANTUM agro-BIOSTIMULANTS, which don’t contain active substances. Products are used… Read More »

ALREADY ALIVE ATTRACTION – No more needed irrigation for good agricultural yield in drought and heat condition – SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION FOR EFFECTIVE FARMING IN CIRCUMSTANCES OF DROUGHT AND HEAT

Despite technological improvements that increase yields, extreme weather events have caused significant reductions of some sorts of yiels in some countries in some years. This process is global and is is already underway as a result of Climate change. Many studies are studying this process, producing various simulations and preventive strategies to mitigate the effects… Read More »