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ALREADY ALIVE ATTRACTION – No more needed irrigation for good agricultural yield in drought and heat condition – SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION FOR EFFECTIVE FARMING IN CIRCUMSTANCES OF DROUGHT AND HEAT

Despite technological improvements that increase yields, extreme weather events have caused significant reductions of some sorts of yiels in some countries in some years. This process is global and is is already underway as a result of Climate change. Many studies are studying this process, producing various simulations and preventive strategies to mitigate the effects… Read More »

Now you may subscribe to attend on our SAE-ENQP TM Academy 2020; Program starting very soon!

Academy about Sustainable Agro @ Environmental  Energy alive Natural Quantum Powers™ Call for subscribe and apply to attend on our SAE-ENQP Academy™ 2020! SAE-ENQP Academy™ Program is about advance knowledge, expiriences, special skills,  which enabled to us to for sustainable Agriculture & Environment succesfully developed innovative, sustainable, advanced, effective NATURAL – QUANTUM BIOSTIMULANTS, WHICH DON’T CONTAIN… Read More »

Our Academy program will be publish here in few days.

For whom is appropriate this our Academy? For all of you, who want to know more and better understand the concept and the background of the operation of natural, energized, sustainable products without active substances  for use in crops growing/production and by plants care! They have good efficiency and are already placed on market for six years… Read More »