ALREADY ALIVE ATTRACTION – No more needed irrigation for good agricultural yield in drought and heat condition – SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION FOR EFFECTIVE FARMING IN CIRCUMSTANCES OF DROUGHT AND HEAT

By | 16 December 2018
climatechange - ALREADY ALIVE ATTRACTION - No more needed irrigation for good agricultural yield in drought and heat condition - SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION FOR EFFECTIVE FARMING IN CIRCUMSTANCES OF DROUGHT AND HEAT

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Despite technological improvements that increase yields, extreme weather events have caused significant reductions of some sorts of yiels in some countries in some years. This process is global and is is already underway as a result of Climate change.

Many studies are studying this process, producing various simulations and preventive strategies to mitigate the effects of Climate change.

Agriculture is a sector that is directly connected with the climatic conditions and is important for supplying humanity with food as well as economically at the level of countries and globally.

The deviations of the crop due to the consequences of Climate change are a facts and many are negative in many countries of the world.

Extreme drought conditions affected at least 3 percent of the global land area in every month of 2017, an extent that had only been observed in just a few prior years: 1984, 1985, and 2016. Global area affected by moderate and severe drought in 2017 was closer to the long-term average. (Source: 3 percent of globall area means 45.000.000 ha – in every month, which is 540.000.000 ha per year.

Preventive measures also include irrigation and watering of cultivated areas. However, this measure is depending to the available water resources that enable it. The vulnerability of irrigation systems are mainly water resources, many countries around the world are aware of it, and many countries in the world are already facing this problem.

For sustainable and natural solution, in company PH. Agrohom., innovative product Cora agrohomeopathie X62 was developed and results about its efficiency from fields trials in real growing condition in severe drough and high temperatures were obtained.

Effectiveness of the product  Cora agrohomeopathie X62  in case of severe drought and high temperatures in growing seasons by GROWN ON FIELDS WITHOUT IRRIGATION OR WATERING: By strenghthening plants and crops resistance to drought and heat as well as  their adaptability to Climate change, without irrigation enables the development of plants and crops/yields, which in terms of quantity are about the same and in terms of quality are even better than those, which are in the same weather circumstances grown on irrigated or watered fields.

We have contributed extreemly good accepted oral presentation of this project on 2nd edition of   the Euro-Global Conference on Food Science and Technology” (FAT 2019). Results confirmed excellent efficient of product Cora agrohomeopathie X62. In this Applicative Development Project we present already possible and available sustainable solution. With product Cora agrohomeopathie X62, which was used in water-dilluted spray, in severe drought and at high temperatures, per quantities  only 0.3% less yields were produced  than on irrigated fields areas, while in quality the yield from the experimental not irrigated field, where we used the Cora agrohomeopathie X62 spray, was better more than 20% compared to crop yields from irrigated fields. For the growing plants on our experimental fields was selected hops, which is one of the more demanding plants in terms of water supply. This enabled us to on the basis of the presented results of efficiency of product  Cora agrohomeopathie X62  expand its suitability and our offer to it may be used for wide variety of agricultural plants on circumstances of drought and heat.

Information about product Cora agrohomeopathie X62: Specification data sheet, Label, Safety data sheet for ethanol 43% m/m, which is product’s carrium medium of  product’s innovative and effective natural quantum effects). Product  is compliant /allowed for use in organic production per confirmation Certificate, issued by  Institute for Organic Farming, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University in Maribor/ Slovenia/ EU.

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