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First – appropriate adjustments! After that – necessary changes!

Hot days, heat waves. A fever that lasts. Even over the nights don’t get cold yet. In such extreme conditions circumstances is needed to be familiar with information regarding hit dangerous and first aid measure, if needed. Probably you also can remember some experience of disappointment,It’s hot. After half an hour of work, all… Read More »

Climate consciousness and the reimagining of forest ecosystems within the rule of law

2. SOME EXPOSED BAD PRACTICE (1) 3. FORESTS, SOCIETY, AND ITS INSTITUTIONS INCLUDING THE RULE OF LAW ” Forest destruction has contributed historically to climate change and continues to do so. Land use and land use change combined amount to 23% of total greenhouse gas emissions globally. Between 2001 to 2020, there was a 10% decrease in tree cover globally. Conversion… Read More »

If we knew she was feeling it, we would stop!

Part II: The Chapter 11 from book: Charles Eisenstein: Climate – A new story I. The REALITY and TRUTH is that these and similar events are repeated, repeated…What we call the consequences of climate change are in fact also very personal personal tragedies, losses, horror, suffering – not only of people, but of our living… Read More »

When enough is in fact enough

The saying means you’ve been tolerating something but are unwilling to continue doing so and you’re ready to make a change. What I am writing applies to my home country, Slovenia.The weather was cold and rainy for most of May.Until today, June 10, 2024, it rains practically every day.In smaller nurseries and greenhouses and smaller nurseries, people… Read More »

What was seemingly dead has come to life and lives well!

Gardens, have always been extensions of houses, they belong to houses. Over time, gardens have been designed in different styles. Thus, certain types of plants became characteristic of them.A good example of such a plant is European box or boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) is a slow-growing, evergreen tree.Even in Slovenia, we couldn’t imagine a farm garden… Read More »

Living heritage of parks and gardens

Already in ancient times, people recreated pieces of Nature with gardens next to their residences, realizing that the garden is an important part of their house. That part that connects people with the source of Life and with the way of creation that was given to us by the Creator. Gardens and parks. They reveal… Read More »

At Gaja’s breast – the fertility of the soil, the Energies of Life and the growth of plants

The holistic health of people is inextricably linked to the health of the Earth. Soils play a very special role in this – they are conductors of life energies, part of the Earth’s thermoregulatory system, home to microflora, nutrients for plants, home to their physical connection with the Earth, they are an organ of Earth’s… Read More »


In the background of NATURAL QUANTUM AGRICULTURE … By Majda Ortan | 10 July 2020 0 Comment WHEN THE PLANTS REMEMBER…, OR: WHAT, IF THE PLANTS HAVE ALREADY and ALWAYS REMEMBER … By: Ing. Majda Ortan, Ph. Agrohom., Ing. Majda Ortan sp., Ob Meži 30, 2391 Prevalje, Slovenia, EU / EN WEB SITE Here and there, what is hidden… Read More »

The Guerrilla home-gardening

GUERRILLA GARDENING – HERE and NOW: why, what, how,…By Majda Ortan | April 19, 20220 Commentslavic goddess vesna alfons mucha 040415 – GUERRILLA GARDENING – HERE and NOW: why, what, how, …Photo: Alfons MuchaThe Slavic goddess Vesna, who heralds spring, is associated with the vernal equinox (March 21), which is almost two months behind us… Read More »


The findings stated by its author Peter C. Whybrow, MD in his book “When more is not enough” can be mapped from the American example to virtually the entire “developed world” today.Therefore, this publication of mine, which content is searching connects the global problems of consumerism and human greed with simple natural solutions, is certainly… Read More »

Effect of Schumann frequency oscillation on plants he obtained result may indicate the universality of the effects of MFs with Schumann resonance frequencies for various biological taxa. The predominant sensitivity of signal-regulatory systems gives reason to assume the influence of MFs with Schumann resonance frequencies on the interaction of living organisms with environmental factors under conditions of a changed electromagnetic environment.… Read More »

Gaia’s heart rate rose to 66 today. That was the value of today’s measured the highest peak of Power of Schumann Resonance

“Every second, a multitude of pulses travel around the world in this unique, resonant chamber between Earth and the ionosphere, sending colluding signals to all microorganisms. These signals couple us to the Earth’s magnetic field. Named after their discoverer, these Schumann Resonances (SR) drive the harmonizing pulse for life in our world.” Eric Thompson (Source:… Read More »