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Additional explanations – for proper understanding

Some people think, that the name of my company mentions Slovenian word for agrohomopathy. It’s not exactly. Slovenian word for agrohomopathy is “agrohomeopatija”. My company name include word agrohomeopathie. Not equale, not the same. Perhaps just similar. Why? That’s because we decided that on Slovenian market my innovative products without active substances have been classified (placed on Slovenian market) as plant strengthening and plant care products, they are not classified as plant protection (Phyto-Pharmaceutical) products. Regarding to the legislation, they are on Slovenian market products for general  use. With agrohomopathy  our products has a common fact, that they work holistically, by holistic approach. Otherwise, the concept of my products is innovative, unique, advanced, sustainable, intended exclusively for plants and ecosystems where these plants grow. Products Cora agrohomeopathie® don’t contains active substances. They use (work on basis of) synergies of energized natural homeodynamic complexes and only act on plants (they only works) when this is essential for a plant organism and such/the same energy-information already existing in plant(s), it is their own information, which in this way becomes homeostatic energy balanced. This is natural, as it is in Nature principles that we know under the terms of homeostasis, holistic approach, dynamics of equilibrium, which are natural phenomens of  complex natural bioresonance.

Those my innovative, advanced, sustainable products  with a natural low frequency information(s) model(s) only acts if  the same essential energy for existing plant information is already in the plant organism; but because of the causes that cause imbalance and symptoms of disease(s) and pest(s) infestations and also plant’s stress, it is “sleepy”. With  the appropriate application of spray(s) from our products (marketed in Slovenia under the trademark Cora agrohomeopathie® ), plant organism(s) is/are in this way suitable natural energy-stimulated – to balance the homeostatic vibration to achieve the so-called “energy-normal” for a certain plant organism (this “energy-normal” is the natural balance of the plant organism, its natural vitality). With explanation of this fact is simply clear, that for starting material for  our products only appropriate complex combinations of natural minerals and plants are appropriate, to our products are effective. This is the best possible warranty, that our products are natural and mimics natural solutions.

In such  natural way, the plant organism strengthens its vitality (ie the balance) and intensity of its vital forces, but indirectly-through strengthening vitality, it also strengthens its own immunology, resistance.  So my own developed products reach that more vital plants are more resistant to diseases, pests, plants stress.

Cora agrohomeopathie®: explanation of word agrohomeopathie: you may find in it: agro,     homeo,    path,   ie (which are random letters – from words integrated energy).

Warning about the names of our products: In the name of the product, random letters “CONTRA” and “NEGA” appear. I especially emphasizing that the word CONTRA on behalf of our products does not mean »against« (Slovenian word for »against« is »proti«). For Slovenian customers of our products, this is especially emphasized and appropriate explained on my Slovenian website. For other, who are interested in my EN web site, is available also this warning.

Can these (“my”) products be copied?  In my opinion, this is by no means possible. In my opinion, this is unpossible.
I only know the recipes of them. I am 100% owner of the material rights of these products and I have the only right to sell the rights for their distribution sales (under certain conditions).

In past, the Slovenian Food Safety Authority has taken control of a sample of our product, which they has acquired from a fictional buyer. Testing in a highly specialized foreign laboratory has shown that the sample tested on 573 active substances does not contain any of these substances (the content of active substances is not provable – of course not, while products don’t contain them). But those “my” innovative, advanced, sustainable products are very efficient.

“Artificial frequencies” do not come into play – because they are not contains in plants by Natural order. “Artificial frequencies” do not contain Life forces. Only those from plants an minerals contain Life forces.  So, with use of  “fake” products, wont work  the principles of homeostasis, holistic approach, dynamics of equilibrium, which are natural phenomens of  complex natural bioresonance.  So, such products couldn’t be effective.

Why I expose this question about copying possibilities of my products? There are reasons for this. You may imagine, that we had some opportunities to get to know and experienced some  “ugly experiments”, which were of course unsuccessful. Such “experiments” are unproductive and unsuccessful, as well as unnecessary.

Me and my company are open for suitable business cooperation on field of (under certain conditions – exclusive) sale – distribution abroad. We are also interesting in markets outside EU. We have enough open possibilities to such relations would with time becomes permanent,  if common goals are achieved and cooperation are in  mutual satisfaction. Our production have opportunities to be by size and capacity adapted to the market needs. For export another brand name(s) are possible for products Cora agrohomeopathie®.

Opportunities to grow this business with those “my” products are practically unlimited.

If your company have good values, compatible vision with us and if you are interested, able and capable to cooperate with us in presented business area, you are welcomed to contact me and send to me your business proposal! (Contact person Majda Ortan, email:, tel. Nr .: +386 (0) 70820279).

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