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By | 18 November 2019
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To the slide above: content of ppt presentation is available under this link.

Products Cora agrohomeopathie® are developed by  myself. They are based on  very advance, breakthought innovative bio-quantum technology, which use biofields of selected appropriate plants, minerals  and their complexis, which in form of water- spray from those products entry and affect directly with biofields of sprayed plants and soil.  On natural way on energetic level strengthen their energy balance, their vitality. Thus also implicite strenghten -plant’s own resistance to plant diseases, plant plant pests, -plants own resistance to drought, to biotic and abiotic stress, – adaptabity of plants to the changing circumstances of: extreeme weather, climate and rising frequencies of light forces, which are entering into Earth athmosphere.

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61 of those my products are confirmed to may be in Slovenia used organic farming, gardening, home gardering. Certificate is awailable under link here.

List of products with already translated products documentation and their Specification data sheets, are available under this link.

97d7b9d5 df6d 48fe a030 798452d7d92b - How my products workThis brand name is used for my products only on Slovenian market .
SlikaAHAC NQP TM - How my products work
This brand is possible to be used for my products in export.
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Mrs. Majda Ortan, ing., Inventor, Developer, Executive director, founder  and owner of company,

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