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that 2nd Edition of the Euro-Global Conference on Food Science and Technology” (FAT 2019), HAS BEEN PUBLICLY EXPRESSED  THEIR SUPPORT  TO OUR WORK – AND ACHIEVEMENTS AND PUBLISHED IT ON THEIR WEBSITE FOR FAT 2019!

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Sincerely thanks!

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Our contribution to the 2nd Edition of the Euro-Global Conference on Food Science and Technology” (FAT 2019). More information: under this link

You are invited and welcome to Euro-Global Conference on Food Science and Technology” (FAT 2020). More information under this link!

We are partner of global partners nets with compatible goals, tasks, networking, transfering best practice with innovative knowledge on sustainability, good business cooperations

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Cora agrohomeopathie® Project was successfully included and presented in the context of Transnational Project AGRO – START

From 2nd up to 5th of September 2013, in Greece was held on 2nd Workshop in the framework of the International Project AGRO-START. The representative of the Slovenian partner, the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia, was presented two Slovenian innovative good practices in the thematic context: “Successful approaches in transfer of technologies and innovations”.

One of them was our Project Cora agrohomeopathie® – energized agro-homeodynamic products with no measurable active substances –Natural Bioquantum Agro-Homeo-Naturopathic Products.

Of the presented twenty-four cases of innovative approaches in agriculture, horticulture, gardening and animal breeding, our Project was ranked among the top ten.

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  • Great results on effectivness of functuning of our own developed & own produce(d) innovative, sustainable, advanced  Natural Bioquantum Agro-Homeo-Naturopathic Products , are also spread over Slovenian borders.
  • Within of the EU project Sagiter, together with representative of the Agriculture and Forestry Chamber of Slovenia, in March 2016,  we  response to the invitation of Hungarian institutions of knowledge – on the Hungarian University Szent Istvan Egyetem  (Gödölo), and on the Institute Herman Otto Intezet, were my seminars with disemination of some achieved best practice in professional crops growing with products Cora agrohomeopathie®,  with great interest listened about  250 people – mainly experts from Hungarian institutions: from the Ministry of agriculture, from administration to food safety, from universities, from institutes. Amoung them was also bigger farmers , presidents of associations, connecting interest groups in the field of organic production of healthy food etc. High, great interst of Hungarian lay and professional public, gave to me confirmation that we are on the right track.
  • Information about those great events were diseminate on web site of Agriculture and Forestry Chamber of Slovenia and on my web site, content is available also here.
  • Photos from those two Academic’s events / Hungary, 21. and 22. March, 2016
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SPSC Ambasador (Sustainability Promoters & Sustainability Colaboration Ambasador):

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GAoS Global Ambassadors of Sustainability:

I am sure, that our Life work and amazing sustainability global results makes possible sucessful active cooperations and very very proud, that WE ARE IN: Global Ambassadors of Sustainability (GAoS) , which is an international initiative of 13300 members from 130 countries.

GAoS partner with UNESCO, UN Habitat, Global Climate Pledge and American University of Dubai, to boost Sustainability practices, Climate action and International Partnerships.

GAoS Focus and Contribute to the SDG’s 4,5, 13,16 and 17. Kindly Invited to the cooperation and partnering with us, www.cora-agrohomeopathie.comwww.rotoja.si

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GSFN Enterprises Slovenia Chair – Soil Regeneration, Sustainable Agriculture, Ecosystem Management:

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