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Ing. Majda Ortan, s.p.,
Šmiklavž 26, Šmiklavž, 
2380 Slovenj Gradec, Slovenija
Mobil: +386 (0)70 820 279

Activities of company:



Cora agrohomeopathie®  products: breakthought, innovative, effective, natural, energized (Quantum) agrohomeo – dinamic products: for crops growing in agriculture, horticulture, gardenering and home gardening. Those products are without active substances, active are their energy vibrations (quantum fields) from appropriate complexis of appropriate minerals and plants, which after spaying enter into the biofields of the plants and ecosystems where these plants grow.

Products are used diluted with water, as spray.

They strengthen plants energy balance, their own vitality and indirectly also strengthen their own resistance to plant diseases, plant pests. Certain of these products strengthen plants to biotic and abiotic stress, to drought. They also enhance the adaptability of plants to weather extremes and to meteorological changes. Products have very good efficiency. On the Slovenian market are already 7 years and are in accordance with the law placed on Slovenian market as products for general use (in cathegory of plant’s strengthening products and 61 of them are confirmed for use in organic farming in Slovenia).Under my enterpreneur company I, Majda Ortan, ing.,  developed them and still develop, produce them and sale them by my own company. I also develop new products. All recipies and production technologiesare still  remain as my strong business secret, known only to me.

Cora agrohomeopathie® products: development, production, consultancy, marketing and sales.

Growing of business, growing of breakthought, innovative, effective, natural,energized (quantum) agrohomeo – dinamic solutions for natural  farming, natural gardening, natural home-gardening; spreading them to growers, support growers to adopt those solutions in usage by:

  • Dissemination of knowledge with professional advice, with seminars and workshops, also with articles, books, TV and radio – awards, internet, etc.
  • Dissemination of good practice, achiewed in proffesional growing of crops with usage of products Cora agrohomeopathie®.
  • Growing of business: targeted professional training staff for advicing.
  • Business cooperation with similar oriented groups, individuals, companies, institutions, Programs, etc.


We train and advise on the use of our Cora agrohomeopathie® products by telephone (advising for our custumers only)!.
By prior arrangement, in this context, we offer paid education – workshops and seminars for interested closed groups.

We also offer education in our


For the realization of group education for closed groups (required number of participants from a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 100), we agree on the terms of participation with the client upon request. For the realization of this Accademy Program  for individual clients, it is considered that we are announcing the implementation terms or. implementation of training modules begins when a minimum of 50 participants are registered. About this and / or about starting dates we notice participants on request or. at ordering. Please note that the dates for the implementation of this our Academy Program and Modules on our web site are only renewed periodically, usually when new individual applications of participants are collected. We reserve the right to change the dates of the start of our Academy Program(s) and / or training modules; in such  case, we inform the participants about it.




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Individual Quantum Coaching Programs (*):

for individuals, companies, institutions, senior executives & management executives in companies and institutions, entrepreneurs and those who choose to develop themself (and or their companie’s) into higher, more successful versions of themselves by incorporating quantum approaches under individual coaching by ing. Majda Ortan, Quantum Self love Coach. These programs are individualized to the client.

(*): NOTE: These Individual Quantum Coaching Programs do not replace any medical treatment, they do not have the nature of medical advice(s) and do not fall within the field of medical treatment(s) or pharmaceutical advice(s), in any case do not replace medical treatment, do not replace medicinal products. The clients of our Quantum Coaching Programs are by ordering informed and agree with this, and with that they must address all health topics and health issues and health issues with their doctor and their pharmacist. Quantum Coaching Programs are the result of our own experience, our own knowledge and experiances of ing. Majda Ortan, Quantum Self love Coach. They enable clients second perspective (diferent points of view) on topics related to self-development, success and individual life situations and quantum approaches to enhancing the energy balance and rising frequences.

Ing. Majda Ortan, Quantum Self love Coach, is engaged in quantum approaches in developing and production of by her own developed, breakthought, innovative, effective, natural, energized (Quantum) agrohomeo – dinamic products: for crops growing in agriculture, horticulture, gardenering and home gardening. Those products are without active substances, active are their energy vibrations (quantum fields) from appropriate complexis of appropriate minerals and plants, which after spaying enter into the biofields of the plants and ecosystems where these plants grow. Today her comprehensive offer included cca 100 such product and currently 61 of them have confirmation for their use in bio farming.

To be possible achieved such great results with her own developed Quantum products, , for which many people thing that are “miracles”, ing. Majda Ortan from her early childhood all the time develop her talents and skils, neded for work with quantum fields and bioquantum fields. She is strong in practice with quantum approaches, quantum technics, quantum skills and special talents on fields of raising awareness, quantum fields, bioquantum fields, rasing self vibrations and coaching others on that more and more important fields of life. If you perhaps want to know more about nowadays needs for this knowledge and practice, you may read some posts uder this link. She self developed by practice many of her quantum approaches, quantum technics, quantum skills. Those you may not get elsewhere and not from anyone else.

We only accept orders for these services on the request of our clients and treat them individually and confidental. We reserve the right to accept only a limited number of such orders.

Contacts for such orders of our services:


Facebook page for this area of ​​our services: @ Ajna.Quantum.Selflove

Contact tel. no .: 00386 (0) 70 820 279 (Majda Ortan, ing)


WHERE TO READ MORE regarding topics under paragraphs I. and II.1:

on our EN web site, on our SI web SITE (there all key information are collected in the column on the right side. The left side is intended for a longer, less condensed content).

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Reference publication KGZS (Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia), in their online magazine Green Land
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Topics to raise vibrations of current EM phenomena on Earth that affect us and everyone

EN web site


Business cooperations:

Welcome are importers/exporters, distributors companies, interested institutions and interested organizations!

If you are interested, contact me! You are welcome!


Majda Ortan, ing., Executive director, founder and owner of company

PH. Agrohom, Ing. Majda Ortan, s.p.

Ob Meži 30, 2391 Prevalje, Slovenia / EU

Tel: 00386 (0)70 820 279  

E mail:


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