Nikola Tesla Returns

By | 13 January 2022

Lost Knowledge Part 9: Nikola Tesla Returns – Source: Article By Lisa Renee;

There is a lot of varied information that is already made available on Nikola Tesla, in which the spiritual and truther communities have generally regarded him as a hero of humanity with his incredible efforts to assist in the return of free energy to our civilization nearly a hundred twenty years ago.

Since the FBI released some of their records on Nikola Tesla based on FOIA requests earlier this year, and this being the anniversary month of his birth July 10, 1856, his purpose for incarnating to shift timelines with an incredible body of work for free energy devices is becoming much clearer.

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Nikola Tesla incarnated into the area known as Croatia with a specific incarnating mission, he is a Christos Starseed from the future timelines on Venus that was sent to Earth to reverse engineer the lost free energy technology used from Atlantis.

He is connected to the spiritual families of Christos masters that incarnate into the Sirius B lineage, thus he was also connected to the Jesus Christ mission, to lay the groundwork for the iron age Christos-Sophia by supporting the architectural repair of the Giza Solar Gateway.

For those of us on the same mission in a different timeline, we recognize him as a greatly loved and valued team member.

Thus, when Tesla was guided to move to the United States and then right before he reached age 33 in 1888, he was in direct communication with the Christos Mission Guardian groups.

His reverse engineering work exploded from then on in what would appear to be superhuman powers to lay the architectural blueprints for an incredible amount of free energy devices and prototypes for assortments of electromagnetic and sound wave technologies.

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Most may think it impossible for one man to invent all of this technology in one lifetime and challenge the fact of his existence. However, Tesla did not invent these technologies in the same way humans did not invent math, it was discovered when in the process of observing the nature of reality and reverse engineering what he observed as well as accessing memories from the past.

His mission was to rediscover the principles of free energy in accordance to divine laws and bring them back into the collective awareness to help raise human consciousness that had been mind wiped from this knowledge.

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Nikola Tesla Returns

He was morally opposed to war as a humanist, and attempted to prevent the world wars by negotiating to supply the governments with force field protection devices.

Instead, they rejected his proposals and ended negotiations by attempting to steal his blueprints, which soured his relationship with the governmental authorities for the rest of his life, as he refused to further cooperate with them.

Limitless energy access was common knowledge in the advanced culture of the human race which ended during the Atlantian Cataclysm, and slowly digressed with every 2,160-year cycle thereafter.

This periodic digression of surface floods and weather cataclysms are connected to the bringing in of the Moon during the Atlantian Cataclysm, an artificial satellite used to run artificial magnetism and as an operating control base for the invaders.

The moon has a radius of 1080 miles with a diameter of 2,160 miles, thus the number 2,160 is connected to the operating geometric patterns connected to the lunar matrix and the artificial magnetic field.

Ancient cultures considered the Moon to be used to incite catastrophes that would periodically destroy the Earth surface, and as example in the Eridu Genesis written in Babylonian, the Sumerian God Enlil decides to destroy mankind through certain periodic cycles with a Great Flood.

Nikola Tesla Returns

These same free energy devices were already incorporated into the global human civilization before the Great Reset’s were put in place every hundred years as a result of the negative alien invasion.

Tesla is a genius by today’s standards, with a photographic memory, speaking at least eight different languages, he was passionate about the true sciences and could visualize architecture within spatial pictures in his mind with great precision.

The average Venusian has about six times more active brain power and a much longer life span than the current average earthling, so he did not need much sleep.

More importantly he is an incredibly hard worker devoted to the mission on behalf of liberating humankind, and these blueprints were being downloaded to him with the support of the Guardian Host to help humanity defeat the alien menace.

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Nikola Tesla Returns

Of the many technologies that Tesla drew out as the design and blueprint of instruction to be given freely, most of these technologies were purposely hidden, others were stolen by the Black Sun military intelligence and Controller’s, while some of these technologies were taken by the Germans for use in their off-planet colonies.

Tesla combined his knowledge of cymatics and geodetic knowledge through the use of domes placed on top of towers to harness natural sound waves connected to the planet’s electrical resonant frequencies.

This design was in order to incorporate natural acoustic vibrations into the Tower design for generating clean and easy wireless energy in a large radius.

Sound waves are longitudinal in nature which he said inherently have compression (-) and rarefaction (+) for travelling at the speed of sound.

Tesla’s coils and towers were not only electrical, but also had acoustic and vibrational properties, he learned how to convert transverse waves to longitudinal waves, generating the ongoing feedback loop for interchangeable waves.

He set up laboratories and developed assorted working prototypes for energy generating technologies that were ultimately based on the vortex math secrets of 3-6-9 that he remembered in his direct study of the Great Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid is connected to an elaborate Giza grid network which is the main Solar Gate and prime meridian of planet Earth, and from which the man known as Yeshua or Jesus Christ ascended out of this matrix.

The ancient galactic portal connected from Giza once allowed passage through Sirius B and then all the way out through the Andromedan Galaxy.

The Egyptian Pyramid of Giza is a previous remnant of ancient builder technology that was commonly used via sound wave orchestration of shaping matter through pyramids, domes, towers, arches and bells, during the times of Atlantis.

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Nikola Tesla Returns

The Great Pyramid was designed to be a giant Harmonic Frequency Resonator sending out geometric patterns into the planetary grid, as well as a consciousness transport device for those embodied with higher operating DNA strands.

The Great Pyramid lies in the exact center of all land area of the globe, dividing the Earth’s land mass into approximately equal quarters.

Tesla was aware the planet was a giant energy generator spinning around two magnetic poles in which limitless access to free energy could be harnessed for all of humanity.

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Nikola Tesla Returns

He believed that the ionospheric layers were important in harnessing atmospheric electricity, which could be easily tapped into wirelessly which could generate free energy for many global energy applications.

Based in his study of the Giza Pyramids, Tesla designed his Towers created upon the same mathematical proportions of Giza, in accordance to the laws used in its construction that were based on the location in the grid and its relationship to the equator band.

From this he knew that a source of free energy could be harnessed from the planet and transmitted as a global power source wirelessly.

Tesla’s discoveries and free energy devices were confiscated by the government and his body of work disappeared after his death in 1943.

His work in this world is far from being completed and in the near future we will be hearing about more of the advanced technologies that were developed through his original blueprints that were hidden from the masses.

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