My Story, which marked my Life and became its Quantum Powers Leap and Mission of my Company

By | 2 March 2019

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A six-year-old girl who endlessly wants  rollers.

Vlasta, her friend has them. Vlasta, her friend lives in a beautiful house and has her own room. Vlasta, her friend has friendly parents.

A six-year-old girl thought she does not have any of this. And she decides, that she can have all this. She is sure, that she has the right to have what she wants and needs. When she is alone, she imagines, how she rolls with her rollers, how happy she is and how happy she is, because her desire is realized. He sees this with her spirit, existing  in vibrant life, but she hears it really, alive and truly enjoys it. On a beautiful day, behind the locked kitchen door, she folds and ties together  wooden trolleys, old toys that were someone fed up gave them away (the girl’s mother was so proud that she brought them in. A little girl did not want wooden trolleys, she wants her own rollers). With the connected  wooden trolleys she drove through the kitchen and mentally convinced that she had rollers. She enjoyed the sound of the wheels riding through the kitchen floor. She only knew that she had a roller to roll and that her desire had been fulfilled. Her friends from the neighboring house appeared front the door. They were knock on the door, but she did not open it. She screamed to them, that she don’t want to play with them, while she has her rollers and rolling. Her friends laughed to her loud and did not believe her.

So, they did not believe her, they laughed to her. The magic of fulfillment of the little girl’s desire was scorched and faded. What did this little girl feel and what was she thinking? Her creative imagination, her way of creation and implementing of her wish into reality, was not supported by her friends and not by her parents. No one didn’t understand, what indeed going on. No one didn’t belive, neither recognized importance od her creating work process. They thought that “she pretends and lies.” And the little girl hid her Divine gift of Creation by the Divine matrix. She hid it behind others and used it sometimes, when she was alone, just for her game. She trusted others, not herself.

It’s been a long time from this, when a middle-aged woman found out, where she was not supported as a child. In the faith of her Divinity Gift and rare Talent, she did it once when she grew up. She suported herself, confirm, that she accept her Divin gift and regulary use it, to improve her own life, lives of others, of humanity, of our planet.  She trusted herself and creating by her own way-which was clearly known to her from childhood. In the meantime, she has created, developed and bring to the reality, many advanced creations that came “from the world above”. She did her part of work in order to fit them in today’s world, with her faith in herselfself, in her way of her Creativity, which is her Divine Creation, her gift of God, Her Divine gift. Someone described this way of Divine Creation, someone who did not even know her. The Divine hologram also received confirmation of this woman and impressed her consciousness pattern. The little girl inside of her being so got her confirmation, support, trust and life space – in life of this woman, among people, on the World, on Earth, and in the Universe.

This woman is me and this girl was me.

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Which is the message from this my story

Even if you were not supported by those, who should in your childhood support developing of your  talents, you may do it, when you may have your own choice and understand, how important is for you and for the World, that you use your Divin Talents and developing them. And if you’re parent, try to understand and accept, that your children are here to teach you about needed (advanced) knowledge and wisdom, which you didn’t get yet, but you need it to bettering your life. So, support them to develope their rare talents and learn from them. That’s the way on which Universe give to you chance to improve your life.

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From this my life story, came my Life Mission – which became also The Mission of my enterpreneur Company

I thought that it is for me enough to use my way of Divin Creativity by thrue Divin Matrix, the way of developing indeed breakthrough innovative, advanced and sustainable, natural products and technologies.

But I realized, that I additionally need to teach people about this, how to create, developeing  indeed innovative, advanced, sustainable and natural products and advanced, indeed sustainably technologies, by involving of use of actual changing and novel Quantum Energy Matrix for Quantum leap, which may support and will support  the Life on the Earth  in time period Earth’s own Energy Quantum Leap and also after it. This makes significant, huge and good difference to my Life as well as to Life of my  custumers, to the Lives of many of people, of humanity, of Nature and so also to the Life of our Planet.

So, I huge extend my life mission and I share my valuable wisdom, advantage knowledge and experiences with those, who are aware, that with the old and current ways of developing technologies and products, will  no longer be able to cope with the changes caused by changing of Planet Earth Energetic Matrix. I teach those, who want and like it, who are worth it and who knows, that the crucial target is not just get huge advantige before the concurence, nevertheless it comes out from the process of this learning from me. The cruccial is, that those advance technologies  are helpful and will be helpful to humanity nowadays,  as well in the future, also when some of “old” technologies and concepts won’t work any more. They have and will have significant importance in Life – in people’s lives, in humanity life, in Nature life, in our Planet life. I only take customers and participants of our educational and  training events, which meet these criteria and, of course, our commercial and payment terms.

Our well known, old Earth Planet’s Energetic Matrix, which is behind of Life on the Planet Earth, is changing, there are already present some of those changes in our presence, bigger from day to another day. Many today’s technologies will probabbly soon disapeared, while they won’t suite to those changes of Planet Earth Energetic Matrix.

Not only known, but also new energies comming to our Planet, which are to humanity mostly unknown, but already started to play and will play much huge role  on support Earth and its Life in time of changing of Planet Earth Energetic Matrix.

So, with my life mission I really help, that my life and life of people, humanity, Nature are balanced with Earth Planet’s Energetic Matrix so, that Life (will) grow, expand, enriched and bring hapiness, health, joy and abudance. That’s also the mission of our company.

Where you will learn and mastering yourself and in companies your employees

about Powers of  Divine Matrix for Quantum Leap?

It’s needed to do it harmonized with changing of Planet Earth Energetic Matrix.

WE DO NOT JUST WRITTING AND SPEAKING: WE DID IT, MANY TIMES IN PRACTICE AND WE DEVELOPED, DEVELOPE AND MANUFACTURE WIDE RANGE OF SUCH BREAKTHOUGHT INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS. Please, find some more information on our EN web site, in our List of products available for export  and in this (short but very reach) presentation.

Think and decide – who may better lead you, teach you, and advise to you, as we, who have successfully performed whole processes of such advanced creating and developing of breakthought innovative, sustainable products  and at least 100 times successfully repeated it? Who in practice by very advanced, breakthought innovative, effective, energized and needed products manifested those knowledge, tools, expiriances and wisdoms of Powers of  Divine Matrix for Quantum Leap. I did it, we – in our company  did it and we have lot good results to show! Please, find some more information on our EN web site,in our List of products available for export  and in this (short but very reach) presentation.

Where you will learn and mastering yourself and your employees with Powers of  Divine Matrix for Quantum Leap:

If you want to fly higher amoung first, you need to be supported and trained from pioneers, who already mastered such  flight. Pioneers are mastered, while they needed to do it alone!

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How to get my lectures, my coaching, my services from our company offers:


You may suscribe to attend on our SAE-ENQP Academy™.

SAE-ENQP Academy™ Program is about advance knowledge, which alowed us to for sustainable agriculture

succesfully developed breakthought innovative,effective, sustainable, energized, natural-stimulative  products,

which do not contain  active substances. On SAE-ENQP Academy™we will share this advanced knowledge and our experiances with you!

Our advanced, SAE ENQP Academy™ Program is available here.


You may suscribe to attend in our Program Powers of  Divine Matrix for Quantum Leap

Program Powers of  Divine Matrix for Quantum Leap: is for those individuals and companies, who want to do quantum leap in their life styles (for individuals) and for companies in their way of products/services creating and developing as well as in their mission. The Earth is starting with its Quantum leap and it has sence to align and balance us with it personaly and in business. There is no other way to have succesful energy background and energy foundations support for success. If you are enterpreneur or owner and CEO of your company, you might be interested or both programs (for individuals and for companies).

This program may be tailored:

  • specially for you (if you are asking for you – individual) or
  • specially for your company (if you are asking for your company).

For more information about this program or for other questions, please contact me per email on email address: 

Contacts: PH. Agrohom. ing. Majda Ortan, s.p., Ob Meži 30, 2391 Prevalje, Slovenia / EU, Email:, PHONE: 00386 (0)70 820 279, EN web site

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My Story, which marked my Life and became its Quantum Powers Leap and Mission of my Company
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