Potentials of Energy alive food

By | 11 February 2021

People, Humanity, the Health of People, Humanity & Nature, the Planet Earth and the Local & Global Economy – all of them need energy alive food more and more. The increasingly current local and global challenges are more and more demanding, they are even becoming a threat to human civilization as well as to our planet. Namely, they cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created all these local and global problems.

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The old saying goes: “You are what you consume (eat), what you think, what you say and what you do.” By considering own abbilities and also some advanced science, we come to know what they certainly knew for generations, long before ours. Namely, vibrations and information from our food and water largely determine a person’s actual consciousness, her/his ability to develop her/his own potentials, her/his mode of thinking, her/his own vitality, his own immunology, the power of her/his own life forces and the power to manage them.

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WHICH KEYS ENERGY ALIVE FOOD HAS for people, for Humanity, For our Planet Earth, for Economy, for Life in Prosperity on our Planet Earth?

In the eight years of such a mode of growing energy-alive crops, a lot of practical experiences has been gained by growers (farmers, gardeners, home gardeners), consultants, consumers (of energy-alive food made from energy-alive crops), who grow energy alive crops for energy alive food with our advanced, sustainable, natural bio-quantum technology by using our advanced breakthrough innovative, bioquant biostimulants.

We can simply summarize them:

The big positive difference that such food makes to consumers is the actual living value of energy-alive food:

  • Energy alive crops growing per our advanced, natural – bio-quantum technology of sustainably growing of crops:

have well ” energy naturally flow rate« for the astral energy reaching the Earth from space,

have well ” energy natural flow rate« for the energies, which radiating from the Earth (upwards) into plants,

enhanced own vitality, own life force of plant crops as well as is strengthened their own immunology,

enhanced ability to self-balance energy states to establish and intelligently maintain a natural energy balance in accordance with the natural order.

Energy alive crops (and food from them) have pronounced odor, pronounced taste, are also more durable during storage, customers like to buy them because of these properties and are willing to pay higher prices for them. Many people who cultivate them for their own needs consume them to strengthen the development of their own potentials, to strengthen their own health – their own vitality and their own immunology. People who care about Nature and the Planet like to use them because they have no proven harmful effects. For laymen in the field of such products perating, a comparison is entirely appropriate – this type of energy-producing alive energy products with our products “get” what “gets” from Nature, who lives in authentic Nature all the time – on pristine meadows, in pristine forest, etc.

The mode of growing energy-alive food per our advanced, natural – bio-quantum technology of sustainably naturally growing of crops, at the energy level eliminates the roots (causes) that cause the energy imbalance in ecosystems, which are treated with our natural bio quantum biostimulants in order to produce energy-alive crops for energy alive food. Thus, such ecosystems are on the energy level on natural mode intelligently energy- balanced, their naturally energy balace are  naturally strengthened in such a way that it is in accordance with the Natural order. Our advanced natural bio quantum biostimulants in their action mimic, summarize and use the magnificient Intelligence of Nature at its energy level.

Everything is connected with everything! (First Law of Universe = Basic Principle of Universe’s Life)

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Some of scientists in their studies have already  identified mutual connections beetwen Climate Change and the emergence of virus SARS Cov – 2 / COVID 19. Taking into account their findings about the beneficial effects of Climate change on the emergence of the SARS virus Cov – 2 / COVID 19, there are per my understanding probably the priorities of every human being as well of Humanity:

-strengthening the natural energy balance of ecosystems on a natural way – so, that it is consistent with the Natural order,

– natural strengthening of people’s own vitality and people’s own immunology, so that it is in accordance with the changing Natural Order or with the current Natural Order on the planet Earth.

Energy balance has many of answers on this challenges, as well as its useage in appropriate, intelegent, natural growing of energy alive crops for energy alive food – on the way consistent with Natural order.

Lets imagine, that are people by consuming of energy alive food are indeed always nourished and not any more just saturated (if even). That there are every day more and more such humans and once such mode of food becomes the standard… and people accept this wholeheartedly. Thus, everyone is nourish, thus everyone lives life to the full. Than we all live a life worth living! Is this for what all healthy, progressive and healthy developing societies, countries, must strive for? Yes, I’m sure of it. That is why I live my mission!

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