Agro-homeo-naturopathy, agrohomeopathy, homeopathy: what they are and what the differences are between them

By | 5 January 2022

I strongly do not recommend replacing humane homeopathy intended for humans and animals for solutions  intended for plants and soil!

We will not contribute to the balance in the ecosystem by using homeopathy and approaches that are intended for human and animal use in this area. It is commendable and good that homeopathy has paved its way in the world of human treatment and veterinary medicine. But as in all areas, it is welcome to take into account the fact that in order to have a holistic effect, things need to be “understood and not copied”.

In one way or another, there are various providers of so-called agro-homeopathic products, which offer homeopathic products for human use. I know also some, which offer homeopathic products for gardening, home gardening, agriculture. In my understanding, it is appropriate to consider what is written below before making such a decision or use. As I stated before, for achieve the goal it’s crucial important, that things need to be / are “understood and not copied”.

Today we recognize Hahnemann as the founder of modern human homeopathy, but it is right to know that such approaches were also practiced before him – we find them e.g. also at Paracelsus. Back in my student years, I read in an article about him that he poured the remnants of homeopathic medicines he prepared for human use among the flowers and also that he wrote that the plants responded to this watering with a vibrating preparation of course. Nothing in this article was written about his observations of how the plants reacted to this…

Hahnemann’s famous saying – “Similarly treats similarly” , clearly testifies that human and animal homeopathy is a certain system of treatment. Here is one of the differences I point out – my own developed agrohomeopathic products strengthen the balance in the ecosystem and the plants growing in it, enhance vitality, which in turn reflects on improved plant resistance, as more vital plants are more resistant to disease and pests. This is a completely natural approach, and the solutions I use are thoughtfully taken from Nature.

In the human use of homeopathy and in veterinary medicine, they apply the principle: “Similarly treats similarly”, which is expressed on a physical level with signs similar to disease symptoms, can at the level of appropriate energy impact to eliminate the causes of these symptoms. In the use of human homeopathy, e.g. a homeopath can prescribe a homeopathic remedy Apis, obtained from bee venom, to a person who has symptoms that reflect similarly to those after a bee sting. In case of certain poisonings, the homeopath will prescribe an appropriate homeopathic remedy from wolf cherry (Atropa belladonna) after examining the patient. Experienced homeopaths, in addition to the visible symptoms of the disease, learn from the conversation with the patient about his individual characteristics and peculiarities, and also take these into account. Homeopathy always recommend use of one kind of preparation, which is made from one mother tincture, which is prepared from one starting susbstance, which may be plant, mineral,chemical substance, human or animal excrement and the like In human homeopathy, agents are obtained that are obtained from parent substances by special methods of friction, dilution and shaking, so that there is no more substance in them, but only its energy vibration. Lactose, ethanol, glycerol are used as solvents. Water is a suitable medium if the product is used very shortly after preparation.

In natural ecosystems, however, it is not so easy to limit ourselves to just one selected living being in the ecosystem, as it is an intertwined, complex, and interdependent web of life synergies. What manifests itself in plants as their weakened resistance to plant diseases and pests is due to the lack of their own resistance of plants, the causes of which are in the disturbed balance in ecosystems. Plants are only a part of them. By strengthening the balance at the level of energy ethers in ecosystems, we also strengthen the balance of plants, their vitality, the general and specific resistance of plants, as more vital plants are more resistant to diseases and pests.

It is not possible to do this only for plants or only for the soil in the same ecosystem, the ecosystem is always treated at the energy level at the same time and together, because that is how it really works.

A single plant, a single mineral can never help the ecosystem in a complex way in strengthening the ability of its homeodynamics, establishing energy balances, balancing. For this purpose, appropriate natural complexes of relevant plants and minerals from relevant ecosystems are required. A really small amount of these must be properly converted into their own energy and properly stored on a suitable carrier medium. The process to achieve this is not identical to that of homeopathy, as we are dealing with plant and mineral complexes from which we release their life energy. For this carrier medium for permanent vibration storage I use ethanol, 43%, Pharmacopeia quality.

Ecosystems have their key specifics, including energy.

Radiation of specific vibrations from living beings, minerals, and metals, from the planetary system of the solar system, is a subtle level of life and is associated with vitality, with life energy. Their interaction, of course, has existed, it has existed since life existed. In connection with them, the energy ethers of plants, minerals, actually enable the material aspect, its flow, and exchange. The subtle, intelligent synergy of ethers operates on the principles of homeostasis, integrity. Centuries ago, it was discovered that plants are alchemists, with the ability to alchemically transform one element into another. Albreet von Herzenle is thus e.g. že l. In 1873 he published the book The Origin of Inorganic Substances, in which he described numerous pieces of evidence for discoveries leading to plants capable of alchemically converting phosphorus to sulfur, calcium to phosphorus, magnesium to calcium, nitrogen in calcium, etc. This is what happens in nature all the time. Hauscha is e.g. found that plants produce substances from intangible areas and turn them back into the ether. The fact is, however, that life processes in plants also take place in connection with the habitat, other living beings, and cosmic forces. As early as 1962, Kervran wrote about such transformations of matter in plants, pointing out that simple substitutions for material or energy deficits are not only questionable but are a serious mistake. Man finds the truth in nature. Let’s think e.g. to pristine forests – ecosystems live in them self-sufficiently, balanced conditions enable healthy growth and development, which is weak, dies, is replaced by new life. This happens in a natural way. Tired ecosystems, soils full of pesticides, groundwater contents heavy metals, chemicals, pastic, other kinds of waste, soil without microorganisms, non-resistant plants – all this requires some of our efforts to contribute to strengthening the balance through our actions. Only solutions by adding material are a one-sided option, spoiled plants do not have the ability to develop and strengthen their own resilience. Strengthening balance is the right path, but it is appropriate to do so by taking holistic, holistic approaches. This simply means that natural balance is created at the energy level, and this is the basis for balance in the material world of ecosystems.

What is the difference between strengthening the resistance of plants with material preparations and the way of sustainable energy impact on strengthening the balance, resistance and vitality?

For example, when we try to “fix” the resistance of cultivated plants simply by adding substances (natural or synthetic), we do not really achieve this. Let me explain with a parable: this is how we give plants “crutches” that make them seemingly recover. When these “crutches” are taken away from them, the problems with plant diseases and overgrowth of pests often return. In many cases, we actually pamper plants with material additives, and their actual self-resistance is not strengthened by many of them. They look better, we often “save” the crop. However, it is important to know that plants are important for human and animal consumption. Not just to satiate them, but to actually feed them. How can plants with weakened immunology, with weakened self-resistance, adequately support the resistance of those who consume them?

Here is the case, which describes, whay are per my understandin “homeopathic and similar agro-homeopathic” solutions, fake solutions for home gardening, gardening and agriculture as well: Every gardener knows aphids, so this is a good example of understanding the workings of my agrohomeopathy according to the concept of strengthening energy balance, compared to what one-sided approaches offer you, non-complex offerings. In aphids on plants – spraying with a spray from my suitable product causes weakened plants to revitalize due to strengthening the balance on the sprayed surfaces, their vitality is enhanced, consequently their metabolites change. This causes the lice to stop sucking on already present lice on plants they starve in a natural way, in a few days they dry out. Lice appear on plants whose metabolites are harmful to plants due to their poor vitality. In the language of nature: lice are in such a state to help the plant, because these metabolites are sucked out so that the plant can recover. If the plant does not have enough vital power for this, the task of the lice is to destroy it. Lice help the ecosystem, in the case of really weak plants, and also make sure that they die. So they remove what is weak and sick. Therefore, to the best of my knowledge, we cannot talk about the overall strengthening of balance, if e.g. to plants in the form of homeopathy we add only the frequencies of natural enemies of lice – eg ladybugs (Coccinela). Perhaps the effects of this treatment will cause a decline in the lice population on the plant for some time – because they will avoid ladybug frequencies. But the underlying problem of the ecosystem and the plant that “caused” plant lice to remain remains with such an approach. In my opinion, such an approach is narrow, it is one-sided, it will not affect the initial causes of plant vitality problems, it does not capture the synergy of complexity of natural balance, in the overall sense it will not strengthen the balance in the treated system. Therefore, in my opinion, these are not the solutions I would recommend.

In nature, the synergy of interactions between the biofields of the living and non-living world, cosmic energies, and the magnetism of the earth has been going on for some time. Unilateral measures contribute to changing the natural order. The language of nature warns us of inconsistent behavior with difficulties.

An NATURALLY integrated, holistic approach, strengthening balance, self-sufficiency is the principles that should be followed in horticulture, agriculture, and horticulture. These principles are also swome supported by agroecology. It is in favor of such good sustainable practices and innovative connections of old wisdom and knowledge and needs for current solutions.

Natural Complexity needs to be understood and taken into account in solutions. For solutions, it is appropriate to imitate natural solutions, those that are indeed natural in our ecosystem. Because those solutions are in line with the natural order, we will use them to support the balance, strengthen it, not destroy it. Hormesis, xenohormesis are just human’s words to explain “integent life strategy of all living organisms.«

In fact, globalization usually doesn’t care about that. Not to some traders either, many are just turning to the wind. But it is enough that people care about it. To separate the grains from the chaff and decide and act accordingly. To recognize how important the good fertility of the soil is, to appreciate it, and to respectfully preserve it by their conduct, as regulated by the natural order.

On the principle of taking into account the complexity, summarizing it from Nature, my entire extensive program of special agro-hemodynamic-naturopathic products has been developed, in which you can find such sustainable solutions for most problems with plant diseases and pests, also plant’s strees, problems with croping in conditions of drought, heat, non-possibilities of irrigation… in food production.

We all probably agree that ignorance and ignorance is what lead to bad choices. I, therefore, welcome the dissemination of sufficient professional information in this area. It is right to learn from people who have successfully brought their own effective solutions to life through their own development work. Mere traders without perception, knowledge, and understanding, and global earners, are largely unaware of this concept. If it were, there would be many actions that do not contribute to strengthening the balance, but often try to undermine it. To find their way into customers ’wallets, they usually use a recipe to try to influence people with marketing stars who enthrone and promote them themselves or refer to some grief that usually has nothing to do with life here and now.

Genuine and sovereign behavior for the right natural solutions, even in the field of agro-homeopathy, does not require such approaches. However, these are concepts that have existed in nature since it existed. They are woven into the natural order, the biofields of plants, minerals, living beings are in fact a fact that is as old as old life.

It is the gardens that give people the opportunity to strengthen the disturbed balance in their own contact with the earth, with nature, to grow in a sustainable way, and to observe the principles of self-sufficiency. These are two aspects that are equivalent in importance. Why? In its complex wisdom, nature works/ LIVES according to principles that we can also try to describe with the concepts of whole (holism) and homeostasis, hormesys and xenohormesys… An naturally, sustainable approach to crop growing / production includes them, but in order to strengthen the balance, self-sufficiency must also be taken into account and the use of imported products and materials should be avoided in gardens, fields, and orchards. The Earth’s magnetic field plays an important role in biological conversion and has an effect on balance. The radiation frequencies of “their” ecosystems are thus characteristic of plants, they are characteristic of them. The frequencies emitted by a particular plant are also characteristic according to its habitat and geographical origin. Plants have their characteristic radiations attuned to the frequencies of their habitats. This is somehow related to balance, but it is also related to the individual characteristics of each plant and mineral. We humans have come up with a system of sorting for plants. But this is not yet a reason to neglect their actual individual identity, it is also taken into account by nature. We all probably agree that the taste, aroma, smell of rosemary or lavender that grow in Istria are different from those that grow in herb gardens in central Slovenia. Pines in the Carinthian forests have different frequencies than those from the Karst. Of course, they also differ in their talents and strengths. And this is one of the keys, which bring into life my AGRO-HOMEO-NATUROPATH(Y).

I took all this into account when choosing appropriate ecosystem locations , plants and minerals for the basis of my products.
Slovenia, where I live, is a country that combines very different ecosystems: mountains, coastal, Pannonian lowlands, Dolenjska hilly world, .. That is why here are ecosystems in which the energies of minerals and plants are very suitable for use for products I developed and produced by my company. Thanks to this, my products can enhance the ability to enhance the overall energy balance of plants and ecosystems mostly anywhere on this planet in agriculture, horticulture, home gardening. Regeneration of depleted agricultural land requires a holistic approach, first on an energy level and in a natural way. Nature speaks the language of vibrations, nature understands the language of vibrations, natural vibrations of course, which in addition to specific energy vibrations also carry information. Biophotons are at work, so artificial vibrations can never “fix” what is caused by one-sided and artificial ways of farming, gardening and home gardening. This is not difficult to understand, but I believe it may be perhaps difficult for some people to accept.

With that, I explained why it is AGRO-HOMEO-NATUROPATH(Y) is RIGHT “NEW” DIRECTION ON REGENERATIVE, SUSTAINABLE, NATURALLY GROWING OF FOOD! Available are natural sustainable and good products for achieve it in all sorts of farming, gardening and home gardening are available as products for general use, not as plant protection products.

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