A New Ancient Insight of the Natural Order: Sustainability and Awarness have the same Denomonators!

By | 19 January 2023
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Transitioning to a sustainable food system is more important than ever before. What role does agriculture play and how can the agrifood industry accelerate a just transition? Those questions are tried to be answered by huge number of farmers, researchers, academics, institutions, gowernments, individuals.

A huge number of people have recently started with home gardening, a way of growing vegetables, self-sufficiency in this area is of course an excellent option for those who have the will to do so.
But in fact, there is a common denominator for that right, the essence that is missing in the solution equation for solving today’s pressing, challenging problems of humanity, including global sustainable food supply. That the thing can be perceived, it is right to shed light on the fact that it was used in practice by many ancient and advanced civilizations.
People who recognize and discover the fact that this path leads first and exclusively through people are at an advantage and on the right path.
Below is a translation of a publicly published popular article by a Slovenian author, Srečko Šorli.

“Advanced relativity is a scientific model of everything that exists, or at least everything that man thinks about. Maybe there are things or beings that we humans don’t even know about and don’t even think about. My Italian colleague David Fiscaletti and I have already published many articles, recently also in journals marked SCI (Science Citation Index). If someone publishes an article in such a journal, the academic profession understands that such an article is science, although this is not always the case. The discovery of the Higgs boson, for example, was published in SCI journals. However, the Higgs boson is not the mass carrier of elementary particles. This is the ‘flower’ of physics of the 21st century, about which historians of science will write a lot.

Epigenetics is not yet a scientific science, its findings are not published in SCI journals. Its main representative is the biologist Bruce Lipton, who says, among other things, that consciousness can change the genetic record. Advanced relativity is a scientific model that links cosmology, biology, and consciousness, and describes how consciousness creates life and how a conscious human can alter its genetic makeup.

Consciousness is described as an infinitely dimensional space within which lie spaces with fewer dimensions. The physical space in which the material universe and life exist is three-dimensional. The cosmic mind is 4- and multi-dimensional. Matter and mind exist in consciousness. Consciousness creates life in a three-dimensional reality by using the pilot biophotons of the higher realms of the mind. These pilot biophotons guide (pilot) photons in three-dimensional reality so that life is created at the molecular level. When a person achieves consciousness and becomes one with it, he can consciously change his genetic record through pilot biophotons.

Let’s look at this in more detail with an approximate mathematical description. In the theory of relativity, the mathematical model that describes three-dimensional reality is its complete description: each element in the model corresponds to a specific element in the physical world. In scientific language, we say that each individual element in the model and each corresponding element in physical reality are related to a bijective function of set theory. But when we describe the cosmic mind, of which the human mind is also a part, such a precise model is no longer possible, at least Fiscaletti and I did not succeed in making it.

In biology today, it is known that cells also contain microtubules. These tubes have molecular systems on their walls, in which there are three sets of molecules in total, which can be called triads of molecules. If you type ‘microtubule’ online, you’ll find beautiful color sketches. Even DNA is structured similarly from sets of molecules that are in triads. Special molecules called polypeptides travel between the microtubules and the DNA, carrying information from the microtubules to the DNA. Epigenetics deals with how information gets from consciousness to microtubes. Advanced relativity has the following model: in every living organism there is a biophoton field, which is an information link between cells. Articles about it are published in SCI-journals. The biophoton field is connected to consciousness through pilot biophotons that exist in the higher dimensional spaces of the mind. Biophotons in the three-dimensional world rotate left or right. Spin to the left means 0 and spin to the right is 1 (or vice versa, it only matters that the biophoton carries 1 bit of information). A three-dimensional photon exists in dimensions X1, X2, X3. 3D-photon is one of four possible versions of the pilot biophoton in four-dimensional space, namely: X1, X2, X3; X1, X2, X4; X1, X3, X4 and X2, X3, X4. This can be written using the combination formula:

Ck (n) = (n!) / (k!) x (n-k)!

We have n = 4 and k = 3, so we get C3(4) = 4

A 4D pilot biophoton carries 4 bits of information.

The formula Ck (n) = (n!) / (k!) x (n-k)! can be used for pilot biophotons in higher spaces, where they always carry more information. We can also make a comparison with the higher spaces of the mind and the chakras in yoga:

3D-biophoton – 1 bit (Muladhara)

4D-biophoton – 4 bits (Svadishthana)

5D-biophoton – 10 bits (Manipura)

6D-biophoton – 20 bits (Anahata)

7D-biophoton – 35 bits (Vishuddha)

8D-biophoton – 56 bits (Ajna)

9D-Biophoton – 84 Bits (Sahasrara) (Nirvana State)

nD – Unmanifested Consciousness (Parinirvana State)

As we can see from the calculations above, biophotons in higher spaces carry more and more information. Consciousness in this model is a space with infinite information.

Brain research confirms that the brain works much like a computer in the sense that it uses a binary system, i.e. 0 and 1. In Advanced Relativity, pilot biophotons carry information from the faithful through the higher spaces of the mind to the 3D physical world. The transmission of information is based on a binary system of 0 and 1. When the mind is fully connected to consciousness, the flow of information is excellent.

A person who meditates regularly and is deep in consciousness could have the ability to change the genetic record through pilot biophotons. When a 3D-biophoton has a connection with a 9D-pilot biophoton, that is, a 9D-space thatcorresponds to the ajna chakra, it can transfer 84 bits of information into the microtube, that is to say, it transfers the corresponding information to 28 triads in the microtube, which are then transferred by polypeptides to 28 DNA-triads. Thus consciousness ‘resets’ the genetic record and creates a new one. It is also possible for a mind that is not connected to consciousness to create a false DNA record. Today we know that most diseases are psychosomatic, as they originate in the improper functioning of the mind. A mind that is not connected to consciousness cannot function properly. A mind without consciousness is like a sailboat without a rudder. In the storms of life, it quickly gets stuck and breaks.

Advanced relativity is a model that shows how the information in the microtubes, which is in the form of a spin photon, turns into biochemical information, which is carried on to the DNA by polypeptides. This missing link in the ‘consciousness-mind-body’ transmission of information gives us a deeper understanding of our connection to consciousness. If we only believe in matter, only 3D photons work in us, transmitting only the most basic information for the functioning of the body. But when we delve deeper into ourselves and discover higher spaces of mind and consciousness, pilot biophotons of higher levels also work in us. In the vernacular, we can say: God always looks at a wise man, watches over him and guides him. A person who believes only in matter is not reached by God, the light of God (pilot biophotons) is not yet lit in such a person. Therefore, a person with the inner light on is mentally and physically healthier than a person who only lives on the physical 3D plane.

The crisis of today’s society is the lack of wisdom and inner light. In today’s society, which still blindly believes in science, we ‘clergymen’ are characterized as ungrounded dreamers. No national television has ever said during the main reports, between 7 and 8 p.m., that the systematic development of the consciousness of the entire population is the foundation for the further development of the nation and the country. Because the country is mostly run by people who only live in the 3D world.

Science without inner light is one of the main sources of problems in the world today. The only way out of the crisis is to connect science and living spirit, consciousness, which means introducing meditation into the school system. Wise peoples such as the Bhutanese and Tibetans have practiced this since time immemorial. Let us hope that the light of an enlightened mind will soon be awakened in Europe as well. Meditation ennobles the human mind and directs it to a deep connection with nature, fellow human beings and the universe.” Author: Srečko Šorli , Article published in senta.si

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Sustainability and Awareness have the same Denominators!

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