Schumann Resonance Today – ✨⚡️ Power 500

By | 4 januarja 2021

Quoted text in full – from source: Schumann Resonance Today –  Power 500, by Disclosure News | Updated on 4th Januar, 2021 Planet Earth

How do you feel today? Naimly, the peak Power of the Schumann Frequency at 500, was recorded today, on January 4th, 2021.

Every second, a multitude of pulses travel around the world in this unique, resonant chamber between Earth and the ionosphere, sending colluding signals to all microorganisms. These signals couple us to the Earth’s magnetic field. Named after their discoverer, these Schumann Resonances (SR) drive the harmonizing pulse for life in our world.” Eric Thompson

On the date January 4th 2021, we had very strong movement!

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sr last - Schumann Resonance Today – ✨⚡️ Power 500

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The peak Power of the Schumann Frequency at 500,
was recorded today, on January 4th, 2021.
By Disclosure News | Updated on 4th Januar, 2021 |
The Chart time is based on Tomsk – Russia – UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) +7 – Source
Under link: How To Read Schumann Resonance Graphs

This enormous high value is not an isolated case in recent days.

The Article: “Power” Intensification Surges!”, by Dr. Schavi M. Ali, reports (quoted text):

“In the final few days of the month of December of “2020”, the “Power” of Earth/Gaia registered as being in the very high hundreds in the Cumiana, Italy chart, and now at the beginning of “2021”, it is again registering high and is “450” as of January 2nd.

The Tomsk, Russia readings, however, are registering far lower numbers and have been either in the single digits or the lower double digits for some time.

Many people who follow the frequency and amplitude studies of the planet and its “Power” levels are amazed and confused by these vastly different chart readings.

Some even deny that the extremely high readings in the hundreds are accurate. This is because they are used to the lower readings, even though in recent years, they have been as high as “150”.

Vastly higher readings, however, such as “450” or “500” or “800” are to them illogical and untrue. To them, the readings simply cannot be believed.Yet, ” Energy Waves” (Life Forces of Pulsating Vibrations, Movements, or Oscillations) are indeed coming into Earth/Gaia at enormous levels as both “Gamma Rays” or electromagnetic radiation from beyond this galaxy that are tremendously potent and also as a sacred sustenance called SOURCE LIGHT which is orchestrating and balancing the varying levels of LIGHT potency around the planet— both physical and spiritual.

In other words, both readings are valid!

However, one is registering material or physical axis spins and reception of frequencies from cosmic occurrences such as solar flares, solar winds, coronal mass ejections, comets, plasma waves from beyond the galaxy, etc., and the other is registering higher readings indicative of the direct pulsation of pure SOURCE WAVES onto Earth/Gaia.

According to the “High Energy Stereoscopic System” (HESS) in Namibia, Africa which is comprised of 12 countries around the world and 46 institutions, they have noticed that since 2004, LIGHT coming into the planet is 100 times larger and stronger than any artificial rays that can be created by mankind.

Gigantic clouds at the center of our galaxy at “Sagittarius-A” are pulsating with unprecedented LIGHT.

These clouds are 500 light years across in size and traveling at close to the speed of light which produces further surges of LIGHT.

Our planet is receiving more LIGHT now than it has in thousands of years (as time lines are calculated by human construction).

Not only have ancient Sages taught about SOURCE LIGHT, but in several recent years, Mystics of various types have taught about the increasing LIGHT coming into the planet and the entire galaxy and have endeavored to prepare us for it by increasing our spiritual understanding of the process.

The type of LIGHT that we are receiving now cannot be only discussed as a traditional scientific intellectual discourse with logical paradigms and leave out the spiritual dynamic.

Moon%20a%20Witness - Schumann Resonance Today – ✨⚡️ Power 500
Source of Photo: Apolologetic.Press


Source Light: “Power” Intensification Surges!

Thus, SOURCE often allows the technological developments of the modern day to be employed as confirmation of spiritual happenings.

How many people, for example, are seeing double and triple numbers such as “11:11” or “222”, or “333” or “444”, etc. on clocks, on vehicle license plates, and in other places?

These are known as “Divine Codes” or as “Angelic Codes” and have been addressed in previous articles as to their meanings.

Also, above and beyond human technology, many people are seeing rainbows in the sky when there has not been rain, and these are not caused by coronal mass ejections which usually create the rainbow-like auroras.

Further, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, healing powers, etc. are increasingly developing in humanity as the LIGHT becomes more intense.The faster “spin” of Earth/Gaia is felt by many as heat surges, headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, anxiety, exhaustion, sleep irregularities, ringing in the ears, and numerous other “activation symptoms” as we adjust to the GREATER LIGHT and the process which has been explained before: cleansing (of old programming in our DNA and cellular records), illumination (pouring into us of SOURCE LIGHT), and acclimation (adjusting to the new frequencies).

This process will happen over and over again as Earth/Gaia soars higher and higher and receives more LIGHT.

The physical and the spiritual are merging. Density is dissolving. As human collective consciousness aligns with the super consciousness of their HIGHER SELVES, their SOULS—the DIVINE—more will be revealed and understood.

Thus, yes, the very high reading in the upper hundreds in the Italian chart is absolutely true.

SOURCE LIGHT is moving through the physical realm at proverbial “warp speed”.

One of the verses in the BHAGAVAD GITA teaches: “In order to bring anyone to knowledge, it is first necessary to bring him or her to a state of Mind where he or she will listen.”

There is high energy in the galactic plain and beyond.

We are receiving more photons (LIGHT) in order for the “LIGHT BODY” to be created. Connecting to the HIGHER SELF guides us in the process of becoming LIGHT because we are then given instructions about how to nurture ourselves and how to help others who are willing to listen (we all have free will).

mahabharata - Schumann Resonance Today – ✨⚡️ Power 500
“Power” Intensification Surges!

As Earth/Gaia spins, the “Energy Waves” will vary as the physical and the spiritual LIGHT frequencies align.

When humanity is ready to understand the spiritual dynamic more readily, then perhaps there will periodically be very high readings in both charts.

SOURCE is orchestrating all of this, even though human capabilities have been allowed to develop technological devices to even study spiritual occurrences.

This is one of the amazing blessings of SOURCE.

Another of the world’s scriptures states: “There are signs for people who reflect” (QU’RAN).

We must not hastily dismiss what we do not easily understand.

There is usually a hidden message in the profounder experiences of the earthly journey.

We must remember this equation:





The last two points made deserve special attention, especially since many people today believe that science, knowledge and enlightenment do not have a common denominator. Kindly, invited to follow my next post where a different point of view will illustrate that this common denominator exists. I will describe in more detail what the words illumination / enlightenment and crystallization actually mean. Namely, their meaning can be illustrated by simple chemical equations and physical facts. Read my post on this topic next time!

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