The photon belt raises the Earth’s vibration?

By | 19 February 2021
solar system 26000 years cycle - Zemlja po 26.000 letih spet prehaja fotonski pas- vnovična Sončeva nevihta je letošnji Levji portal pospremila z infuzijo svetlobnih energij in drugih kozmičnih sevanj

Every 11,000 years, Our solar system passes through a 2,000 year-wide belt of highly charged ion particles known as the photon belt.

“Every 26,000 years, the material creation experiences a turning point caused by the galactic alignment. That means that our sun is in alignment with the central galactic sun. In addition, during the winter solstice of 2012, the Sun was located so that the Milky Way encircled the horizon at all points. The place where the Milky Way absorbs the Sun’s radiation is located in the so-called dark space, which is formed by interstellar dust clouds.

The four cyclical, 26,000-year calendars

This galactic alignment is the basis of the calendars of the Maya, the Veda, the Great Pyramid and astrology.

The four ancient cyclical calendars give us hope, for they show that a cycle of 26,000 years is coming to an end and a new one beginning. Thus, none of the four reflects an apocalypse; instead, they show a turning point in the cycle and indicate a subsequent spiritual age.

More in-depth information, comparisons and graphics concerning the galactic alignment and the four cyclical calendars can be found in Volume II: DEI LEGACY, page 334.

Photon belt  

Entering the Photon Belt 11.29.2018 1 26 screenshot 600x435 - The photon belt raises the Earth's vibration?

Photons are in the section on light. Science defines photons as particles of light that move in an electromagnetic field at the speed of light.

The photon belt (also called Manasic Belt or vibration) is a huge superordinate light phenomenon. In his book “Photon Belt”, Sheldan Nidle says that it has the shape of a thick ring with a diameter of 2,000 light years or 1,223,381 kilometers. This event also repeats every 26,000 years and thus takes its place in the galactic alignment. Every 24,000 years, our solar system passes through the photon belt for 2,000 years on its spiral-shaped orbit around the central suns of our galaxy in the Pleiades. These 2,000 years represent the golden age of light.

The photon belt is to convey the Earth, and with it all living beings, from the Third into the Fifth Dimension. Various sources claim entry times into this belt between the 1960s and the 1990s and into its center between 2012 and 2036. Most authors who write about the photon belt claim (often simply quoting one another) that the earth entered the belt in 2004, and since 2012, our entire solar system has been moving inside it; a calculation of time shows this to be impossible, however.

concentric rings of plasma being emitted from the sun 1 - Zemlja po 26.000 letih spet prehaja fotonski pas- vnovična Sončeva nevihta je letošnji Levji portal pospremila z infuzijo svetlobnih energij in drugih kozmičnih sevanj
Koncentrični obroči plazemske fotonske energije Vir/Source: Photon Energy
and Photon Belt
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In the course of this transit, the photon belt, with its cosmic radiation that is many times what the Earth experienced previously will either destroy the planet with natural disasters or trigger a huge evolutionary leap. I also believe the ascension to still be possible, but this transition will take decades and its light frequency will become increasingly intense in our solar system and affect all life within it. Science confirms this.” Source: Gaia Legacy

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